ABOUT Movers.Emirates Adz

Movers.EmiratesAdz is a professional moving and packing hub in Dubai to delivery the qualify moving services from highly trained moving companies with professional staffs. And our listed moving companies provide services for office relocation, home relocation, automobile shifting, storage facility, warehouse rental, packing and unpacking service at affordable costs. We are serving in the UAE market since 2015, we take a pride in delivering professional service to an extensive range of clients. To get free moving quotes in UAE for better for you moving needs from single bedroom apartments, villas, larger apartments, office shifting or furniture moving.


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Operational Excellence

Book or get free quotes for over from 250+ trusted companies in Dubai. And you’ll save a lot of time and money. 

Continuous Growth

Direct Feedback from the customers to improve the services in quality, service and costs.

Team of experts

Listing more than 250+ professional & experienced moving companies in Dubai, Abu dhabi and Sharjah.

Expert Advisors

Professional Movers provide best support during the moving in the manner of costs, services & quality at zero costs. 

24/7 Support

Movers.Emirates.Adz direct email support for all moving support and movers related queries. 

100% Satisfaction

Assuring moving customers at maximum satisfaction within budget. 

Years of experience


Instead of spending whole day in search engine or other directories, Movers.EmiratesAdz is my best choice to find best movers near me.

Tahseen Dubai

Cost & best service I received from Movers.EmiratesAdz while I moved from Dubai to Sharjah. 

Michel Sharjah

During my short period of moving, Movers.EmiratesAdz support and provide best service in short period.

wilmalyn Dubai