Cost of living in Dubai : How expensive Dubai accommodation & rooms ?


Cost of living in Dubai – Are you moving to Dubai ? The below article helpful to know more about the Dubai cost and expenses. The cost of living in Dubai is very high much compare with other emirates like :- Sharjah, Abu dhabi or Ajman. Most of the foreigners are preferring to stay in Dubai, so the cost doesn’t come cheap.

Dubai has been dubbed the most expensive city in the world for tourists to visit, but what are the costs to actually live there as an expat?

How expensive is Dubai, Compare with Singapore, US & India?

The official current in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is the dirham (Writted as AED – Arab Emirate Dirham)

1 AED – 18.76 INR

1 AED – 0.27 $

1 AED – 0.37 SGD

As of 27-Mar-2019

Basic cost of living in Dubai

One bedroom Flat in City Centre (Monthly Rent) – 6000 AED

Lunch for two in popular restaurant – 150 AED

Public Transportation – 250 AED

General Living expenses in Dubai

Rental prices are fairly high but move outside of the city, and you can much less price in our of Dubai and other Emirates regions

Single Person, Per month AED 4,000

Single Person, Per Year AED 48,000

3 Person Family Per Month AED 11,000

3 Person Family Per Year AED 122,000


Average Salaries in Dubai

The salaries in Dubai, much higher and fair compare with other countries. Additionally, good demand for skilled peoples. And pay is not the constraint for the right candidates in Dubai.

Cashier AED 04,000

Financial Analyst AED 15,000

Graphic Designer AED 17,000

Mobile Developer AED 20,000

Receptionist AED 3,000

Accommodation in Dubai :-

There are flats, villas, apartment are available in Dubai at reasonable price. The cost of rent may be higher in the city centre and all. In Dubai, the peoples may move from Dubai to other emirates, due to their jobs changes. And there are packers and movers in Dubai available to sort it out their moving issues.

One bed room Apartment AED 6,000

3 Bed Room Apartment AED 12,000

Transportation in Dubai

Driving in Dubai its quite cheap. However, Dubai is congested city. So hopping on public transportation like metro & busses might be your best bet if you have a daily commute.

Bus Passes AED 400

Metro AED 250

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