How to rid of bed bugs permanently in home ?

Bed bugs are small, tiny and insects to feed on blood. And it’s easily transport from one place to another place through cloths, furniture, bags & etc ..,

And the bed bugs are mostly active in the night instead of day time. They feed your blood when you are in the bed on late night.

We are trying to share few points how to rid bed bug from a home on fast ?

Vinegar :-

Add the vinegar in a spray bottle, shake, and begin spraying infested areas of your home and sprayed on them directly, A vinegar solution will work to kill bed bugs instantly because it’s a powerful acetic acid that disrupts the bed bug’s nervous system.

This natural treatment is safe to use in homes with small children and pets.

Tea tree oil :-

Tea tree oils is the most popular home remedies used to gid rid of bed bugs in home. This will kill the repel these insects in homes.

Its derived from Melaleuca Alternifolia plan in Australia. It’s commonly used for treat a wide range of skin issues and insects bites.

To use tea tree oil to kill bed bugs you’ll need to use thirty drops of the oil in thirty ounces of water. Add the oil and water in a spray bottle, shake, and begin spraying infested areas of your home. Don’t use in the spray in electrical and infants objects.

Bleach :-

Bleach is another homemade bed bug spray you can use to manage an infestation, however, like rubbing alcohol and other types of sprays, it also has its limits.

Bed Bug Spray :-

Several bed bug spray available in the market. The sprays and chemicals get rid of bed bugs in the home. Bed bug sprays effective but need to purchase multiple bottles for effective treatments.


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