Moving reminder Check Lists

Whenever you plan to relocate or move from your previous destination,you might have an idea on everything but not a proper plan or checklist to make it success.

Our team understand your need and we’ve prepared a basic checklist which could make your mission sweeter.Homeworking and planning is the best thing but starting from layout is great.Check in your new destination before moving and make a layout on  idth,breadth,height,rooms,surroundings,environment,fences etc.

Be sure on your moving date and inform your landlords. Make a call(and update your address if necessary)to credit card offices,postal offices,cellphone provider ,door delivery vendors,neighbors,local friends, subscriptions ,local police officer and inform them that you’re leaving.

Book or reserve a cab or vehicle a day before moving for your personal travel.Back up all your computer data and information in harddrives. Confirm the tickets for your travel towards your destination and a local transport in your new destination.Pack your edible, cooking, perishable, food items separately with suitable packing. Make avail and keep ready lot of boxes,plastic wraps, tapes, bubble wraps, thermocol packing etc.

Change your local proofs to new destination if necessary.Find new doctors and a dentist in your new location.Never miss any of your identity proofs,resident proofs,certificates,bonds,important papers.If insurance,certificates are transferable please do it in time.If unwanted but useful items like furniture,books,records,tools are available please sell,donate or give away free for needy.

Discontinue cable,electric,gas,and other utilities.Establish a new connections on cable,electricity,gas,and other utilities in your new location.Necessities are vital one to check it out like,

*Paper goods/utensils
*Toilet paper/papertowels
*Toiletries like contact lenses and solution
*Toys/comfort items for the kids

*Toys/comfortitems for the kids
*Electronics:laptops,phones,tablets for the kids,etc.
*Broom/mop/cleaning supplies
17. Just make a check list of all above things on a dedicated note book or make these checklist on smartphone to get directed towards your next task.Finally back it up.Last but not least.Please analyze or research and choose a better moving company or moving portal and make a deal,get quotes and book them.Example top moving companies hub like MoversEmiratesAdz could make it easy for you by providing large number of choices.

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