Top 6 Plants to create positive energy in home

There are so many plants in the world. But there are few of the plants give positive energy to us. And few of the plants we can keep and grow in home itself. We are going to look into those types of plants in the blog.

Aloe vera :

This is the plant that is widely used, because of its numerous healing properties. Aloe vera products us from negative energy, envy, and bad luck, and its known to attract positive vibes and prosperity. If its fades it is because it has absorbed the negative energies and has protected us.


Mint is a plant thats is well-known for its medical properties. It helps our general health and promote positive energy too. It fights for negative energy and helps fight insomnia.

Eucalyptus : 

Most recommended plants for offices and homes, because it is said to attract financial prosperity. Its protects from negative energy. And its promotes better sleep.

Bamboo :- 

One of most popular plant bringing modern and sophisticated touch to our homes. And its promote positive energy in the home and offices. And keeping bamboo in your home, will bring you calmness, feeling comport also.

Jasmine :-

The Jasmine planet brings prosperity and good relationship in the family. So, its suggested to keep in the home for good relationship and its called as “couple’s planet”. And it’s recommend to keep in bedroom to build romance and strengthen the relationship.

Thyme :-

Thyme is a planet that since the ancient times has been utilised to eliminate bad vibes in the air. Its a purifying planet. It prevents nightmares, fight against bad vibes and promotes self-esteem.


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